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This cyber bully keeps sending out a lot of harassing emails everyday via this email account


[/code] We tried to report this issue back to [EMAIL=abuse@posteo.net]abuse@posteo.net[/EMAIL] but it seems they ignore this issue. We need the experts to find out where is this cyber bully located. If you send the message to the email account, he will include your email address and send those harassing emails together to different people. That's awful. We need to stop him.

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Hello Cyberreporter,


Welcome to our community. I'm so sorry to hear you have been receiving harassment via email. Have you tried blocking the account? If you send to our reporting service www.ditchthelabel.org/report - we will be able to investigate this further.


Are you okay? We are here for you if you need to chat about anything that this has brought up for you.



This Digital Mentor Account is no longer active.

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Yes, I blocked the account but he created and used different email addresses - [EMAIL=thebeijinger@posteo.de]thebeijinger@posteo.de[/EMAIL] and [EMAIL=xiaopang@posteo.net]xiaopang@posteo.net[/EMAIL] sending out a lot of harassing emails to different users.I put the printed screens at https://www.ditchthelabel.org/report/ ! I wish the experts may locate this cyber bully.

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