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How Should I Tell My Parents I'm Polyamorous, Nonbinary, And Pansexual?

Dea Harn    

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So I love my parents, but after my grandparents have disowned my uncle for being very gay, I'm kinda scared. I also have very supportive friends but now that some people try to be gay for attention, so I'm hella scared.

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Hey Dea Harn,


Welcome to our community.


How long ago was it that your grandparents disowned your uncle for being gay? I'm not saying it is alright but even 20 years ago, society was less accepting of homosexuality and gay rights have moved forward a lot since then. Could you start with your parents by bringing up some of these terms and just explaining to them what they are if they don't know. This also may be a way to test the waters about how they feel. You could say "there is a girl at school who is non-binary" What do you think?


Why do you think that some people are gay for attention? Could it be that lots of people now can explore their sexuality without having to decide right away in some parts of the world? Just a thought.

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