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Not religious enough?


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me and my boyfriend have been getting into argument about religion, I'm not one to ever really bring it up or argue but he has been preaching a lot about the Bible. I also think it has to do with me being catholic, he is christian. from when we first started dating I made sure to tell him since he asked. nothing was ever an argument or anything like that. but lately he has been attacking and saying the being catholic is the wrong way and that I should believe in only christianity and the way he sees Jesus. I have never really gone to church as a kid and still don't but I do believe and pray on my own terms and in my household... and I not religious enough? he thinks I should do more but also believe his way and not mine. he also believes in conspiracy theories about the Bible,

what do I even do? I have told him I don't like arguing about it but this could break us.


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Hey Baseballfan2004,


I'm sorry to hear that your boyfriend doesn't always respect your beliefs this can be really hard in a relationship. I think tolerance is really key, we will always have different opinions and beliefs to other people but we must learn to be tolerant.


Could this have something to do with him feeling depressed lately that he isn't willing to be flexible - if he is feeling low he may not be in a position to empathise that much. This is a great article on conflict resolution https://www.ditchthelabel.org/speak-anyone-anything-conflict-resolution/conflict-resolution/ which you could use if you are planning to broach the subject with him again - just remember to stay calm if you can and use non-accusatory language.


You are allowed to worship God in whatever way you see fit too, remember that.



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