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My friends have boys that basically follow them around


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My one friend always has boys following her around and gets annoyed about it. And I’ve never even had a guy look at me. Am I selfish for not wanting to talk about guys with her? I wanna smash my face into a wall every single time she mentions a guy. It makes me hate myself, my face, and my body even more. What’s wrong with me? All of my friends are beautiful and sometimes I just don’t want to be their friends because they always talk about how amazing they look, not in a condescending way, and how they have boys and girls lined around the block waiting for them. I still like them as people but they make me feel awful about myself. How do I stop sobbing or getting angry every time anyone mentions their appearance or their relationships in a positive way?

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@chipndale2 Hey, this is something a lot of us will relate to! I know it's very hard to believe but almost all of those people will be going through a lot of the same feelings and most likely covering up insecurities with an outer 'loud' confidence. Sometimes people do this around their friends for validation.


We have no control over other people's behaviour and can only control our reactions to it and them. It might be something you will have to try and tune out of when you're in a group but there might be time (if you wanted to) to get a little more genuine interactions with them if you were 1:1


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I don't really know how to help you, but would just like you to know that you aren't alone, I deal with this too, it really sucks.


I don't have any advice for you, but I feel the same too...just when I thought I am alone...

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I feel you on this one all of my friends do this crap and they even talk about how they are lonely or aren't pretty enough but somehow can have multiple guys snapchat them and take them out. It makes me feel shitty too. But we shouldn't have to change ourselves to get a guys attention maybe were not looking at the right guys

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Hey @Gracieanne1


Really great point here, I would have said the same thing. The right person will make you feel like you are good enough and sometime that takes a bit of waiting for.


We have to make sure we love ourselves before we can really give love to other people so try and foster that relationship with yourself first.


Sending lots of solidarity your way.



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