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what do I do if my girlfriend and i are awkward?


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i recently just started "dating" one of my best friends (i'm gay). i told her i liked her, and it turned out she liked me too. it was really awkward at first because we didn't really talk about what was going to happen. we talked about it a little over text but it resulted in us both being confused. we had a sleepover over the weekend which started out weird but got better after we talked. we decided to be more than friends in a committed relationship. we cuddled a bit but it wasn't obvious? this is my first real relationship ( don't count my last one) and this is her second. we haven't hugged or kissed or held hands, and we are both really awkward in general to start so that doesn't help. i want to cuddle and hug and be more affectionate at school, but i don't really know what to do. we are going to the school dance on Saturday and i don't think she wants it to be a date but i do? we are going with some of our friends. i think the only way to solve this might be just talking it out, but words mean nothing if they aren't acted upon. are we going to fast or not moving at all? i'm confused please help.

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Hey Paper Adventures!


Thanks for posting about this,


Congrats on your new relationship, I wouldn’t worry that you’re finding it a little awkward to be intimate with each other in the beginning. You two were friends first! It’s tricky enough to navigate who makes the first move when you aren’t friends. But you have got used to a way of being with one another and now you have to change it. It is bound to feel freaky.


You are both adjusting to seeing each other in a different light and it’s going to take time to feel ‘natural’, I would say try intimacy in private first, before the dance - so you don’t also have the added pressure of your friends watching you. Then you can give yourself time and space to figure it all out.


Yes, talking is just talking but why not suggest you just take it slow - hug each other, if the feelings are there you will know what to do next but don’t rush yourselves and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.



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