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Hi, little introduction of myself


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Hi everyone. I'm Ophelia. I'm 22 years old. I've had to deal with bullying all my life, in school and at home. My sister was constantly bullying me. Being physically, mentally and emotionally abusive. I didn't know at the time, but what she was doing to me was domestic abuse. My mum didn't do a lot to help. She tried her best, but I think she just didn't have that motherly instinct. My sister was her favourite child and I was just a problem because I was born with a rare syndrome.


I started counselling about 6 months ago and been learning so much about myself and the situation I was in, that it wasn't my fault. I have always blamed myself for things that went wrong, even if it wasn't directly me who caused the event to happen.


​​​​I don't know what else to add, so I guess I'll finish it here

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Hi Ophelia,


Welcome to Community, such a beautiful name btw! :)


Thanks for sharing that with us, it can be really painful to bring up past trauma and it sounds like you had to go through a lot of horrible things at home when you were younger.


Well done for going to therapy, it's a huge step and I'm really glad it's helping you. You are completely right in saying that it is not your fault - bullying is never your fault. It's never something that you have done or what you look like or what your hobbies are. It is usually something going on in the person who is perpetrating the bullyings own life - for you this was your sister so really close to home for you.


I'm really glad you've managed to look back on these moments and freed yourself from guilt and blame. :)






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