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My relationship with my best friend turning sour


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my best friend nowadays often insults me, and i'm most often the butt of his jokes.

He only comes to me for help and after his requirements are done he stops talking.

Often compares me with other mutual friends and tells me how interesting and awesome they are. I have confronted this with him once and he says that he was only joking and asks me to chill, but he keeps doing this. Should distance him from myself and let the friend ship naturally fade away or give him more time.

Btw he sometimes gets under my nerves by calling out my relationship failures and ignores me sometimes.

Any help regarding this would be appreciated.

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Hi Jeff-


I’m sorry to hear that your friendship is changing… that can be a very sad time. It’s a form of loss!


I know you can see that the friendship isn’t as healthy as it once was, but here’s an article about friendship that might help make it more clear:




I don’t think it’s best to ‘wait’ for someone to change… it’s better to talk to them about what you need from the friendship, and if they do not work with you to build a better friendship, then you need to let go of any hopes and expectations that they will change. Here’s an article on conflict resolution that can help you vocalize your needs:




I hope this is helpful!



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