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My sexuality and coming out


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Hey, for a while now I have believed that I am gay. Currently, I have a friend who is bisexual and I have two siblings, who are either heterosexual or haven't come out yet. I have been wanting to come out for a bit of time now, but I am not sure how.


I am 15 and I am pretty sure that my parents would be ok with it. But rarely my dad makes a homophobic joke. I am pretty sure he doesn't mean it.


Is there any way which would be the best way to come out in my situation.


Thank you for any help which I get, it is appreciated.

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Hey SomeDevPerson!


Many people are working through the same things as you, so I’m glad you could bring your questions here!


Here’s an article with some tips on coming out that might be helpful:




And one that’s specifically for coming out to parents:




Key things are making sure you’re safe, and starting with people who you know will support you (so you build a strong support system of people who love and accept you).


Hope this is a helpful start!




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Thank you for the reply. Even though I have just seen it, I am sure it will help me.


I have currently faced my main fear, which is my first time in coming out to someone today, which ended well.


Again, thank you for the reply.

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i know you have already gotten some advice but i just wanted to say i recently came out to my parents in august and most of my friends in june. i have pretty supportive parents, but it helped a lot to have a big base of friends to hype me up before i came out to them anyway, it really lowered my anxiety. i just thought you might want to know that, good luck, and i hope it goes well!

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