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Guidance counselor labeled me paranoid in front of those who bullied me?


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Hi Im K. Last August 2018, some of my classmates humiliated me in our group chat which consists almost the entire 5th Year Civil Engineering students and some teachers. Due to my shock and outburst, I private messaged the classmates involved. I went to J's bf apartment, J who is my closest friend/classmate, in hopes of finding her for confrontation. Unfortunately, she was not there. Days passed, J and W filed a report in PNP station against me. I consulted my uncle who is a lawyer but failed to help bc he's a government employee. The talk in PNP station did not go well because the police addressed our issue as school's responsibility. Later that day, our teacher set an open talk. I, J, W, some of my classmates, our teacher, our dean, and the guidance counselor were in the office. Series of defensive stories were said. The idea of filing a report in PNP station was of the guidance counselor. The talk did not went well too. The counselor labeled me paranoid. I felt so embarassed. I have consulted my situation to my cousin's father in law who was a retired SAO head. He was in favor of me after thorough investigation. This moment, I am still enrolled for my last semester but I dont go to school anymore. My family did not know my situation. I feel terrible, sad, helpless, afraid, and depress.

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Hi K,


Welcome to community, thanks for sharing with us.


I’m sorry you experienced this, it is never pleasant to be spoken about when you aren’t present and you cannot be sure what is being said.


What strategies has the college put in place to help resolve the situation? Could you meet privately with the guidance counsellor to share how you feel? You are so close to the end of college now - it would be a shame to not complete. Has anything else happened since the first conversation?


Would it help to share with family or someone that knows you well to support you, your mental wellbeing should take priority - just remember this is not your fault - try and spend time with positive friendships that you have at university to uplift you. Focus your energy inwards to yourself and your studies if you can. Are you a civil engineering student, thats's really impressive!



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