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My Friends Tease Me


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My friends make fun of me a lot because I stutter. I used to get bullied a lot when I was younger at my old school. I know they're not trying to hurt me but it really bothers me. They tell me they think its ok because I kinda laugh along but really its more nervous laughter then its funny to me. I'm not sure what to do.

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Hey Jandy,


Welcome to the community - i’m so sorry to hear that people are making fun of you.


When we look at the differences between banter and bullying - it’s only banter if the other person is clearly not bothered by it and most importantly you do not ‘banter’ with someone about something they are insecure about - and we all know what is off-limits, if you were bullied about this when you were younger they should know it’s not nice to bring it up - even if they mean well - have you tried speaking to them about how this makes you feel? I understand why you may have wanted to laugh along, it’s a way of getting through a really uncomfortable situation.


Have you tried speaking to a teacher or support staff about this? If they are your friends and you like hanging out with them most of the time, I would recommend trying to talk to your friends - it would be best to speak to them individually than in a group and tell them how it is making you feel. Most people don’t want to upset others.

I’ve included an article I think would help you to have a read of, it’s about how to talk to friends that are bullying you - I know you have said its more teasing that bullying but I still think it will be useful to read - https://www.ditchthelabel.org/deal-friends-bullying/.



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