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Dealing with being bullied and hope <3

Luleekax ย  ย 

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Soo, these people in one of my class spend almost half the class trying to embarrass me and it's pretty annoying. They do this almost every class and in other classes to.

Anyway here more context. I can always provide more context if needed.
So this goes way back to the beginning of the year, in short my stomach would make noises as if I'm hungry a lot and people would just ignore that because it's not important. But later ive noticed that these people started spreading rumors that I cry in class about that and that people should avoid me like I'm some sort of monster. This was annoying, the crying part bothered me more than that people should avoid me rumor. I don't care about the avoiding rumor because I already don't like most of the people involved and I keep to myself (introverted).ย  Any way the group making the crying rumors would spend classes just talking about me as loud as possible and mocking crying faces at me. I've never been seen crying and I wear a mask. There was this point one of the main person (the main person who started the rumors and had dedicated classes to me) had a whole conversation on how I should give up on everything and no one likes me. People do like me and think I'm nice.ย 

Now we skip to present day. Later in december during finals week I talked to the "headmaster kind of" and he talked to the group multiple times. I've learnt to manage my stomach in early december and i learned to ignore them. I am bad at ignoring them and i wish I could stop caring. ANyway the group has gotten back to their antics. This is really bothering me. I've noticed that their goal is to embarrass me by making fake stomach noises even though the last time my stomach had signaled hunger in class was in december of 2023.ย  I've also learned to stop feeling embarrassed as it helps nothing, I've also never felt embarrassed for some reason.ย 

I want to become better at not caring, it's pretty hard when a whole class time is being dedicated to a bullying session. I also want to be able to manage my emotions better.

any tips/advice for me to deal with this whole dilemmaย 
It'd be nice if I can hear some stories of people dealing with stuff like this so I can gain some hope :D

- XOXO Luleekax

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Hey @Luleekax

Welcome to the community, it's great to have you here :)

I'm really sorry to hear you are struggling with this, I struggled a lot with bullying in secondary school too, so without understanding completely what you are going through I do know how much of a toll bullying can take on your mental health and how frustrating it can be to deal with issues such as this when you want to live your life without drama.

Unfortunately, I can't currently respond to this in much depth, but for now, I just wanted to take the time to let you know that you will get through this, and a lot of the time bullies are insecure and pick on others because they don't like themself or have issues at home etc.ย 

As hard as it may be to accept, I don't think they have anything against you, they are just picking a fight because they like drama, and as I said they are insecure.

It sounds to me like they might be jealous as you sound like a really cool person :)

I will be back online later so can provide more advice if needed, but in the meantime remember you will get through this, you are awesome, and you can always reach out to anyone in this space if needed.

Saint :)


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@Mercury Venus


thank you a lot, I have school today and each week things either get worse or stay the same or I learn new ways to get through stuff which makes the week abit better. Saying this I might start something on how things are for me as that helps me get stuff off my chest. You can look on those for more info or ask me :D


btw thanks a lot โค๏ธย 

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