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Where do I belong?


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Hi all

my tutor from uni directed me to this site. It has been a relief and eye opening. I'm currently in the middle of a story of heartbreak and betrayal at work. In my role, I look after 200+ people. All started from an offensive email a colleague sent to me in response to a new policy I had to implement but had no say on it. I replied to that email as understanding and professional I could and thought that was the end of it as it usually is. However, little I knew that things were going to escalate to the point of bullying, harassment and criminal damage. While my line manager, HR dept and CEO are fully supporting me, I can't shake the feeling that this person not only betrayed our work relationship but also recruited a gang of other colleagues to fill out an anonymous survey with malicious comments trashing the work I do. Worst still. The line manager of said colleague who is also my senior, not only supported this person's view but ensured I didn't miss reading the comments from the infamous survey. I am not well, heartbroken and don't even know if I can make it back to work, at least not yet.

On the bright side, as much as this situation has uncovered some people true colours, it has also showed me who are the helpers. I have a great number of messages of support and comfort so I guess this is what is keeping me going as much as the love from.my family. All I can say is that if it wasn't for the helpers, I would have probably left this world.

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Hello Ave De Luz,


Welcome to Community, thanks for joining us!

I’m glad you’ve found some relief here. It sounds like you've gone through a really stressful time at work recently.


It’s horrible when you feel ostracised by a community you thought were there to support you. At least you have the support of your HR department and your CEO. That's a positive.


It may be that a welcome break from work is best - sometimes situations like this need time to cool off and it will give you time to recuperate from the pain felt by the betrayal.

I’m so glad you had a strong and loving support community around you through all of is. That really is a blessing!



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