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Weirdest game ever!

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Hi all! Do we have any gamers here? It can't just be meΒ πŸ€ͺ

I would like to know about the weirdest game (board game or online game) you've ever played. Was the game good despite being weird? Would you recommend it?

I'll go first - weirdest PC game (Steam) - Karen - an outrage simulator. You basically play as a Karen during the pandemic (there are references to mask wearing for example) and you basically pick the option that is most likely to get the other party (usually waiting staff/retail workers) to get fed up with you and give into your riddiculous demands. It was quite entertaining even though it was only about an hour long. But the dialouge was very on point, so I enjoyed, even though playing it that one time is enough for meπŸ˜…Β It was very cheap on Steam, so I went for it.


Weirdest board game has got to be that Sherlock Holmes game... Mainly because it literally is impossible to finish, and it looks like you can only play it once, because it is so riddiculously complicated. I went to a games meetup once and they dove straight into this monstrousity of a game! Honestly the board was... A MAP OF LONDON! So you literally have to read tons of articles and interview the locals, who all have contradictive stories. It was such a mess and not relaxing or entertaining at all to play. If anyone else has played this and enjoyed it, I am curious to hear more about it (because my encounter with the game was brief).


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