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I Am So Confused....


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I'm a teen, for starters. And I'm honestly getting a little confused about my sexuality, but not in a way I think is normal. So, most of my friends are gay in some way or another, no joke. I can count on one hand the people I talk to on a regular basis that are straight. And I think being around them has influenced this confusion. Just to be clear, I have nothing against gay people or the idea of being gay. I'm just not sure if being influenced by my friends is a normal way to become gay or if it's right. Is there a different way of becoming gay? Like, do people find it in themselves or does it happen in a different way?? I'm just....utterly lost.

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Hi Slits of Moonlight,


Welcome to community and thanks so much for sharing this.


For starters, you are not alone. It is really common, especially in your teens to start questioning your sexuality.

Despite what the media sometimes tells us, no one can influence your sexuality, so although it's wonderful that you feel so at home with friends from the LGBT community - this will not make a lick of difference to your own sexuality.


What determines your sexuality is who have romantic and/or sexual feelings for. If you have these feelings for someone of the same sex then you may well be gay, bisexual or pansexual. It is such a personal journey and one that I would encourage you to investigate further.


I read in your other post that you say your Mum is homophobic. That can be really tough in trying to figure out your sexuality. Although you don't want to disappoint your family - it's really key to know that your identity is never wrong and most parents are positive when their children come out to them, sometimes it's a little later down the line. But unfortunately, sometimes it isn't safe to come out.


Can you have a conversation with some of your current friends and say to them that you are confused about your sexuality and want support?


I found these articles that I think would be really helpful for you to read -




This is a bit of light-hearted fun https://www.ditchthelabel.org/can-we...our-sexuality/


I hope some of this helped!



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