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hi. this is new to me.


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hi, i’m g. i’m a senior in high school and life is kicking my butt. i just got out of a really toxic relationship that lasted 6 months and i’m trying to get back up on my feet but it’s lowkey kinda hard due to the fact that i work with my ex. He cheated on me. it’s sucks but i’ve learned to not let it get to me but it’s hard at times. i struggle with low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. eating is a hard thing for me mainly because the way my ex treated me made me stopped eating so dealing with that is hard. i don’t know. there’s just a lot and i thought joining this community would help. I’ll end this with a few postitves; I have a great support system, I love dogs, I’ve been clean for almost six months now, I’m taking risks, and I graduate in 5 months!!

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Hello GC19,


Welcome to community! So happy you made it here.


Thank you for sharing a little about you. I love that you included all those positives at the end. It sounds like you are grateful for a lot of things right now and how exciting that you're nearly graduated!


If you would like support around disordered eating you could read this article - https://www.ditchthelabel.org/worrie...ting-disorder/


You've said you have a great support system, that is AWESOME - do you talk to them about how you are feeling at the moment. We are always here for you at community :)



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