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People make me feel ugly and fat


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Sometimes at school people say I'm ugly when ik I'm not but slowly it makes me believe it like when I get called fat Ik I'm not but I feel it when they say I am it's also confusing when I get called fat then two seconds after I get called anorexic.


why do People do this and why do these words hurt me

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Hey Cow,


I love that you see the beauty in yourself! It's wonderful.


The people saying these things to you obviously have nothing better to do and as hard as it is please don't believe what they are saying. A lot of the time people say things to get a reaction so try to not respond.


The fact that you love yourself can sometimes leave you open to people commenting on It as unfortunately we haven't all cottoned on to why loving yourself is so important.


You keep doing you Cow!





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Agreed. @Jesram


But confidence can be a really hard thing for us to get. I think of confidence like the filling up on a bottle - it can fill up and empty and interchange so regularly.

Sometimes I wake up and think "Yeah, i've got this. I'm having a good hair day and I don't hate anything today and then it only takes to look in an unfortunate shop window and you can crash again."


Self-confidence is a journey filled with so many ups and downs. Nobody, just nobody loves themselves all the time - even seemingly perfect people on Insta that we see have body hang-ups. I think that's why it helps to take looks out of the reasons why we love ourselves.


I say to myself - I am healthy, I am strong, I am a good friend, I am loved. And when I say these things to myself it's so much harder for something as silly as looking into a shop window bring me down.... does that make sense.


And for certain our worth and beauty should not rest on the opinions of others. Especially if they are the opinions of people we don't even know.




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