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Whats my sexuality?


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Hello there cow,


Welcome to community!


Sexuality is such a spectrum. Don’t worry too much about putting labels on things just yet if you don’t feel too sure. If you are having romantic feelings towards men then you could be gay, but if you also like girls you may be bi-sexual or pansexual...the possibilities are endless!


But, as I said earlier if you are just beginning to explore your seuxality then don’t worry too much about the label as you are exactly who you feel you are so give it time to figure yourself out.


It’s awesome you are asking these questions and wanting to understand more about your sexuality. Maybe your female relationships are more of friendships if you mainly like their personality and your male relationships are more romantic?


I hope this helps a little and if you want a little more info - I found these articles I think might help you!


- Remi





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