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am I being sensitive or being bullied?


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I think my friends walk aline between banter and picking on me; Im always treated as the joke in the group and its annoying. I mentioned this to my dad and he said I was just being sensitive and its just what guys do. Do you think this is bullying or am I just being oversensitive? c

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

Hey Cloud Waves,


Thanks for making it over to Ditch the Label community.


This is such a good question and one a lot of people ask us, so you aren’t alone. It's a hard question to answer as I don’t know what they say but IMO if what they are saying you is making you feel bad, then it is bullying.


Your friends may quite simply not know that this is getting to you like this. Trust your own instincts though and don’t feel as though you are being oversensitive. Have a read of this and see if you can lift anything out of it to talk to your friends about how their “banter� is making you feel. https://www.ditchthelabel.org/how-to...-bullying-you/


Also if you need any further help distinguishing banter from bullying. https://www.ditchthelabel.org/banter-or-bullying/


I hope this helps!

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I spoke to my friends about it and one of them said sorry, a few others were weird with me for a few days but then started being nicer. it's been a lot better since I opened up about how i was feeling :)

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Hey Cloudwaves.


This is such an awesome result. Well done for speaking up and saying something. It's not easy to challenge friends on their behaviour and I'm glad things have improved since.



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