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Would love to meet new people but also become closer with people I already knowHi


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Hi, I’m Michael 16

A feeling which I’m worried about is that I don’t have any close friends except from really 2 seperate people who I have known for a while who are good “lad friends� if u get what I mean. I don’t believe that I’m further away from getting closer with people as I have broken comfort zones by eg starting musical theatre and really enjoying performing and feeling a lot less nervous from it. Also that I’m pretty open to going to new activities to meet people and to genrelally have fun and learn new things, it’s more sometimes I look really hard and can’t find much for my age. Also this feeling of being upset and wanting to get closer and be there for over will never come off my mind, which I like but can become really overwhelming when I realise I can’t do anything something about in a particular moment.

Im defo optimistic about the coming weeks and few months, but I would hate to see u myself in a few months not have done anything like going and out and just talking more than small talk with people. Cause I get really upset over it and lonely and as much as I am introverted it’s hard to take not have very many people to go to. I speak to some people online mostly who I know in person and one who I haven’t met but hope 2. Tbh it’s mosly girls I speak to cause I find that there the most easy to talk about feelings with and just common interests, but I would love to have more boys to talk not prodomantly about feelings but just interests. That’s another issue I have that I should of gone to a six form which is different to my secondary as not many new people came to it and I struggle to easily relate with a lot of the groups of ppl there. But I’m trying to and even if it’s just somewhat it would be nice as I still have a year and half to go. One of my biggest worries is that because I don’t have many people to talk to Face 2 face about emotions but mainly just general stuff, my psychological state will become worse and also will effect my studies. Ik that it won’t come quickly and that small steps are good, but I’m really trying to get to go out with people and have meaning to ppl but I don’t want to come across as too desperate. Also my mum knows how I feel and I hate making her upset over my situation. Ik appreciate any advice and anything practical I would love 2 here about, also I’m from London

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

Hi Michael,

Welcome to community, thanks so much for sharing how you are feeling with us.


I can see so many positives in what you have written - you have two close friends, that’s awesome. My grandma used to say you should be able to count your real friends on one hand and I think it should be quality over quantity. Also it is brilliant that you have just started musical theatre and that you are so keen for starting new things. I see this as a real positive step. Have you researched local amateur dramatics classes in your area? Or local drama clubs? This could be a creative way to have more face to face human interaction.


Do you have a student support service in your college, I would recommend you speaking to them. They are there to help and can point you in the direction of local services in your area if you need any further help and support with your mental health.


I know it’s really hard. But try to not worry too much about the future, take each day as it comes and try to enjoy the present. As I said earlier it looks like you’ve just begun a lot of new things and I would wait and see what new opportunities that presents.


Keep us updated with how everything goes and feel free to drop us another message if you need to.


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