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Homophobia sucks


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why is their homophobic people in the world why can’t everyone just accept homosexuality. Straight people can make out in public but gays have to be careful when holding hands that’s so unfair.i don’t get why people are so against it. Gender is just another label we won’t even have a gender in heaven or in the spirit realm. So why does it matter here. So what if you can’t reproduce plenty of kids need adoption. I drives me nuts when people act homophobic it’s my number one pet peeve I just can’t describe how angry it makes me. Especially when the hate is directed to me and my girlfriend. We are gay and apparently that’s bad. It is just no annoying.

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Thank you I even got a hate video about me and my girlfriend today and it irritated the crap out of me I’m trying to not to curse cuz if we aren’t aloud but o really want to. I’m just really aggravated about this it makes my blood boil I hate that girl she took time and her breath to hate on us and it’s pne thing is they mess with me they mess with my girlfriend they are about to feel what a girl in love can do.

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Hey Kay,


I'm so sorry to hear you're experiencing this homophobia!


-- So, a person created a video to hate on you two?


Is there someone in authority you could speak to about this? Because this is really not okay.


I know it's the Christmas holidays, but you need to feel safe!



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I agree. I'm feeling a bit confused about my sexuality right now and my mom is hugely homophobic. Whenever I talk about any of my open gay friends, she just gives me a dirty look and says 'They don't know what they're talking about. They're actually straight." And she follows that up with, "Don't be gay. Don't you want a normal life?" like I had a normal one in the first place! It's infuriating. If I do turn out to be gay, I'm really afraid of coming out because of what she'd do.

But a lot of my friends are gay, and I'll tell you: you need to be confident in yourself. You're correct in that gender is just a label, and you just need to think about that. If you want to hold hands with your gf or kiss her, just do it. Don't pay attention to people if they give you funny looks. I do however think that you should tell someone about the video. It isn't okay at all.

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