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Hey so I’m new to this so I was just gonna post something. Sometimes I find it hard to be in the closet for being bi. Only a few of my friends know that I’m bi and I’ve known for a little while now. Sometimes it’s just hard not telling my parents but I’m not sure if I’m ready yet.

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Hey Chris!


Welcome to Community! Thank you for sharing a bit of what you're going through...


I'm glad you have a few friends who can support you in this part of yourself- it's so important! Are there other people besides your parents that you'd like to come out to?


What are you most worried will happen if you tell your parents? Have you tried bringing up LGBTQ+ topics in conversation to see their level of acceptance?


Here's an article on coming out as bi that might be helpful:




It would be great if you could share your 'coming out to your friends' story on this thread:




It's so important to have real life examples, as you work to come out!




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