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i just want ppl to stop obsessing over my sexuality


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idk why everyone is so obsessed with my sexuality. maybe its bc i'm traditionally feminine and pretty so people are just intrigued and captivated by the notion of me being gay but can they just leave it alone. i was at a friends bday last night and one of the other guests was a girl i had a bit of a history with (our thing never technically officially ended and apparently there were bets on whether we were going to hook up again while we were there, which isn't even the part i'm mad about) and EVERYONE else knew about it. i wouldn't have even minded the situation that much if they hadn't kept bringing my fucking sexuality into the conversation. "are you actually gay" "are you half gay" "are you closeted" WELL I'M CLEARLY NOT ANYMORE. when i tell you that my sexuality was a major topic of discussion i'm not even kidding. "ellie (not my real name) is a catholic lesbian". NEITHER OF THOSE THINGS ARE EVEN TRUE; WHY ARE WE PUTTING LABELS ON ME THAT I HAVE NEVER TOLD YOU TO USE. not to mention one person in particular seems to think she has the right to disclose my sexuality to every person she meets, with or without my consent. it's just so annoying. 

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Hey Ellie,

nice to meet you, thank you for explaining this. I am so sorry that other people are making this an uncomfortable situation for you, and I understand that and I hear you. I know you’ll probably go yes well I’ve told them this but, have you told them how them bringing up this particular situation is making you feel? I’m only asking because, mostly if you explain to them that this is causing you distress then ‘most’ people would go okay, sorry. And wouldn’t say it to you. But of course, some things don’t get into peoples mine even if you tell them over 1000 times. I hope you’re okay, ( the best you can be ) and we’re here for you, Ellie! You’re not alone, Hugs ❤️

@Digital Mentor

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