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Adult social cliques & the Alpha/beta labels?


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Welcome PricelessPPP!


Great question... it's very deep!


Since these archetypes have lasted this long, and continue to be rewarded, there's not a way to shift the social cliques, but there are ways for us to be unfazed by the effects of it.


How do you find these hierarchies influence you?


Like any label, you choose how much it's going to affect your life and your success. What do these people, in seemingly better cliques/statuses, have that you don't/can't have? And, what do you have that they don't seem to have?


The ultimate skill is to learn how to have a presence in the system without actually living there. Broad success, probably, won't happen without being able to relate to the system.


Unless there are others who aim to separate themselves from the effects of the power dynamics, it can feel quite lonely. But when you do find others who can see the matrix for what it is, it can feel really supportive.


What do you think about all this?





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Hi PricelessPPP,


I really believe that the people who come off as alpha are really just trying to “win� at the game they think “life� is. But life is not a game— and they are actually demonstrating their insecurities.


True alphas create peace and take care of people who are being treated unfairly.


I would encourage you to try to not to label these people with such a powerful word. They are no more human than you.


If you’re looking to build confidence, here’s an article that is helpful... self-love and confidence are key components to wellness!







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