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Quiet Kid (a poem-ish)


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They call you the quiet kid

as you sit in a corner, sketching, reading, existing 

she is smart they say

she in an introvert they say

she isn’t involved with sports they say

what they don’t know is that they made her that way

She used to be talkative 

She used to share her art

share her music 

only, she didn’t talk about celebrities 

or cartoons 

she didn’t watch Nickelodeon or Disney channel 

or read picture books 

she didn’t draw dogs and cats

houses and horses

she talked about dinosaurs 


she watched discovery and animal planet 

she read non fiction

she drew dragons and gryphons 

castles and creatures 

They laughed 

freak they said


she doesn’t belong 


years later, she has changed 

She stopped trying to reach out 

her few friends were all she needs

they were all misfits too

she still reads

fantasy novel, a thousand pages thick

She draws




she has titles now too

none so flashy as cheerleader 



basketball star

she is known as a stuco member 

scholars bowl captain 

FFA president 

lead role in the play

they don’t notice, they don’t care

help me on my English they say

biology please 

do you know what we are doing in history 

I help, because I can

i know they won’t do the same for me

a revelation comes

then more questions 

so you are gay 

you like girls 

What is demi-romantic 


you explain 


fifty kids in the school 

you are the only one out

at the same time 

another thought occurs 


it would explain a lot

Family has it

everyone says you do

Your mom agrees

things start to make sense 

pieces fall in place 

You come to accept yourself 

you are glad to be the quiet kid

you don’t mind that they leave you alone 

your friends love you

your family too

so when they whisper about the quiet kid

the weirdo

the nerd

they gay one

you pick up your book

sketch pad

Needle and thread

You smile softly 

Put in earbuds

tune them out

knowing that those who shunned you

all those years ago 

aren’t worth your worry

but still get

your love and compassion 

your help

your answers to frivolous questions 

They changed you for the better 

you no longer want to fit in

you accept your quirks 

your weird joy bringing things

and you get lost in your own world 

and know you are happy 


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