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Hey All!


If you've ever felt "ugly", have you read this article? https://www.ditchthelabel.org/am-i-ugly/

Or watched this video?


It’s important to have a safe space where we can express how we feel about our bodies, and how much pressure there is to “look� and “act� a certain way.


You are beautiful. We believe that.


Let's use this space to share some tools we use to build our confidence. Self-love is a constant practice. What are some things you do?



** How To Use This Thread**

- If you want to post your own story/advice, hit the "Reply to This Post" Button

- If you'd like to comment/support another person's experience, hit the "Comment" button on the right side of their reply.

- And always remember to be respectful and empathetic toward people's experiences

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I always feel ugly I feel like my body is ugly because I'm not curvy I don't have full hips I don't have that curvy figure I gain most my weight on my stomach making me look so unattractive also stretch marks that fill my body because of a big weight gain.

I don't think I will ever find a boy that will find me attractive also my face just looks ugly with my big nose and one eye smaller than the other my face looks horrible but I don't know what to do. Every boy that I pass when walking with my friend always stares at her never at me am I really that ugly and repulsive that no one wants to look at me.


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I'm not sure if I'be necessarily felt 'ugly' per say, but I've definitely had low confidence with my body. As I've grown up, i've got more involved in the internet of course, and I also have a passion for film/media/tv. This means I've run into a lot of 'models' and actresses who looked 'perfect'. And also, the stereotypes around women are very tense: I thought I needed big breasts, curves, a large butt, large hips, long hair, etc etc. But I've realised that I don't. I'm thin, I'm not curvy and I don't mind that. It can still come and bite me sometimes, especially when I see a stereotypical female character, for example, in a film. I'm like 'oh man, where are my hips?' but I don't need them to be me.

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