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What am I?


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For most of my life I’ve been ok with being female. But now, I don’t know why, I’ll just randomly want to start wearing a binder. Sometimes it comes with my gender disappearing and I become agender, and sometimes not. And sometimes I don’t shift all the way, and I feel like a demigirl or agender feminine. And sometimes I just can’t get a good reading at all!


Thank you all so much!


What am I? Am I female? Agender? Genderfluid? I’d be nice to meet others going through the same thing and compare our experiences.

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I felt the same way last year when I realized I was non-binary. It all comes down to you and how you feel in your own body though. My expression has always been leaning more androgynous and I have liked mid length to shorter hair. I like the mixing of gender expressions and go by they/them now. I'm happier knowing and understanding this but it took awhile to figure it all out for myself, sometimes I feel like I'm still learning about myself as well.

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