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What am I?


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I’ve never truly thought about my sexual attraction before this, and now I’m confused. Most of the time I only like androgynous bodies and gender expression. I don’t care about genitalia and I only feel romantically attracted to someone if I know they are nonbinary. Other times I’m only attracted to male or female bodies. I really hope to find a label (I know, I know, ditch the labels and all that). The only reason why I’d like one is so I can tell future partners without having to go over the whole story. It would also make coming out to my family easier.


And I’m not sure if this helps, but recently I’ve considered myself alternating between skiliosexual and straight. I’d just like to know if there is something shorter.


BTW, I’m genderfluid. Not sure if it helps or not, but there it is.


Thank you all so much!

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Hey Septiplieraway!,


I can see how it might be confusing... human nature and psychology really don't do well in boxes.


It sounds like it's more down to the person, that you're romantically interested in, but you can have sexual attraction toward bodies of all genders.


Why do you think you only have romantic attraction to people who identify as non-binary?


A "problem" with trying to find a word that perfectly describes your sexuality/attraction is that even with future partners, you're going to have to explain what that word means "to you." Bisexuality, genderfluidity, non-binary, etc. identities all require further explanation, anyway... I think sharing what you're attracted to, and preparing family/friends for who you might bring home, or have attraction toward is what's most important. So many labels are used, nowadays, however that many of us can't keep up with what they mean.


What does "skiliosexual" mean to you? And "straight?"


Here's a thread that has been started for people looking to find comfort in the exploration of their sexuality:




I hope this is helpful.. and am looking forward to learning more about your journey!



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"Genderqueer" means something different to everyone who might use it! The word 'queer' has been used, more recently, to describe a variety of things that fall into the spectrum versus the binary... like the "grey" areas.


What other kinds of things are you looking to get support for?



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