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1 hour ago, human07 said:

I keep judging other's appearances in my mind and i hate that i do it automatically, how can i appreciate other's appearances and be kindย 

Hi there,ย 

I'm Aurora and I am one of the support mentors here at Ditch the Label. I noticed that you are new here so I wanted to start off by saying a huge big welcome to our community!! It's great to have you here.ย 

Thank you for reaching out to us and for being so open. I think it's great that you have noticed that this is what's been happening and that you want to change this. Do you have any thoughts on why you might be having these automatic thoughts?

Personally, I think nowadays a lot of emphasis is placed on our appearance and looks. Especially when we think about how social media is used and unfortunately there are lots of unrealistic representations of looks and bodies in the media. It's completely understandable, why you are having these thoughts and it's nice that you would like to focus on appreciating other people's looks and be kind. My suggestion would be that every time you notice yourself judging someone's appearance, remind yourself to look out for something you like about their appearance. Everyone has something that's beautiful and it's nice to look out for that. You might notice that the more you practice this, the more you will start to appreciate other people's appearances and the less you'll focus on judging them. How does that sound?ย 

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9 hours ago, human07 said:

Thank you

You're very welcome. Would you like to talk about this some more or are you good for now?ย 


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