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it all started when i was a kid i grew up with a big brother and a little sister, my brother and i are about 2 years apart and my sister and i are about 5 years apart. i grew up hanging with my brother and his friends, i had one friend that was a girl and she lived next door so i would always go over there and play barbies with her. i would always be the boy and she would be the girl, i loved being referred to as a boy. after a couple years of living there we moved to West Virginia i hate it here. more and more i would hang out with my brother and his friends. i never felt like i was a girl and i still dont. i am 16 now and i know all about lgbt. so i keep telling my mom i want to go to a therapist to talk to them about it but she said we cant until my foot gets better (i just had surgery on it). but the need to be myself haunts me, i tried to tell her i wanted to be a guy and she took it as a joke. all my friends know and they support me but i want my mom to take me seriously.

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Hi Enzo!


I'm so happy you have support from your friends-- that is incredible, and will help you remain healthy as you figure out how to approach this subject with your mom.


I can imagine your mom has lots of questions... and may be going through the stages of grief/loss (denial is a big one!). What kinds of questions do you think your mom would have if she started wanting to understand you more as a person who is trans?


Here's is an article based on coming out as trans that might be helpful:




Are there LGBTQ+ resources for you where you're at in West Virginia? What about in your school? Would you feel comfortable talking to a counselor there? Or maybe there's an LGBTQ+ support group in your school?



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