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How can I tell??

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How can I tell if a girl likes girls?

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When I was your age, (I sound elderly here) I had that same question about many girls when I first started getting crushes. I would rely way too much on gaydar, lmao. Now that I am halfway through high school, I learned that honestly, there is no definitive 100% way to know unless she says it herself or from someone she knows. You can ask someone who is close with her that you trust enough with that question (make sure you don't ask anyone homophobic of course!). There are some indicators that I wouldn't say for sure are 100% accurate. An example would be her friend group. If she has gay friends that is not a 100% that she herself is gay and vice-versa. But it is a strong indicator, since queer kids tend to like hanging out with other queer kids. There could also be the chance that she is simply closeted and isn't ready to express her sexuality. What is the type of relationship do you have with the girl in question if you mind sharing that?

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