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Hi! I need some help. I guess

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Hi! I need some help.

I think that i might be bisexual but i'm not sure, and very very confused. I'm a 16 yo girl I never had sex(and not planing until marriage) boy/girlfriend, i haven't even kissed anyone. I'm Christian and i live in a country that doesn't really support LGBTQ+ people so i'm a bit scared identifying myself as bisexual and i still dont know if i'm even a bi or something else. I see girls i think that they are really pretty and i try to memorize them but i don't know if it is just that a like their outfits, hair and stuff. They are never girls i talk to i usally spot them in the bus street etc. Sometimes i imagine how would it be to kiss, and date both boys and girls. I have crushes a lot of cartoon characters both boys and girls at least i guess i do? I dont really know. Its confusing. I'm also a bit scared that if i'm bi how do i tell people. I think my sibling and friend wouldn't hate me or anything. They probably be suprised and shocked but will support me in some way. I'm also not scared of my mom's reaction beacause she told us before (before i started being confused about myself) that we can tell her if we are homosexual or anything,but i'm a bit scared of my dad because once he said something like:" I understand gay people but not bisexuals. I just think they are greedy." So i don't know how would he react. And i still dont know if i'm bi or not. Online test didn't help either, they usually just said that i'm asexual which i'm not i'm just 16 and don't know a lot.ย 

So yeah i've been that confused and scared but mostly confused for like a half year now. I'm happy for any advice,idea or anything just PLEASE don't make me more confused!

P.s.: I hope whoever reads it can understand it. Englis is my second language so there is probably gone be a few mistakes (i feel like mostly with grammar). I hope they aren't big ones. Feel free to correct them, it will help to. Thank you and have a great day!!!

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Hi, I'm Catsup, one of the support mentors.ย  Welcome here! :)

I read over what you wrote here, and I can understand why you want to figure things out since it's nice to know how we identify, and something that can be really important to us and how we navigate things.ย  You mentioned you have never dated and I wonder if you would want some of those experiences dating before you come out as bisexual?

It's absolutely okay to be confused at this point, and especially before we actually date anyone, there could be a lot of questions.ย ย Waiting is a valid option, especially if you're not sure how people around you would react, and you want to be certain.

How important is it for you to have an exact label for yourself right now?ย 

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