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hi my name is jay and I’m a 19 year old bisexual girl. I have my first girlfriend a found about I was bi about a year ago. Neither one of our families know about us or our relationship. My girlfriend is lesbian and transgender. I want to support her without hiding the relationship with my family but they are really big on religion and believe LGBTQ is a sin. I want to come out. My parents are homophobia and so is my sister most of my friends know but no adults actually know they all don’t roasted with the whole idea. How do I come out to my parents it’s terrifying and support would really help me and my girlfriend. I hope I get that here we have been getting hate latoand it’s really hurting us that people are disgusted by us. Any support would help. Thanks

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Im no professional but if it were me Id think of your significant other, how much do they mean to you? A lot huh? Let your family get over themselves and be happy with your love. That's where you're future is. I hope things go well for you and if your family loves you they will understand, if not then be gone with them. Sometimes it's best that way. Best wishes.

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

Hi Jay,

Welcome to Community and thank you for being so honest - I know how scary it is to open up about these kinds of situations, so thank you. Please also know that you absolutely are not alone and I'm sorry to hear that you're going through a tough time. So that I can best help you, could I get an idea of how old you are and also how you feel your gf's family would react to her coming out?


As a first port of call, we have a really great article about coming out to homophobic family members -- take a look and let me know what you think.




Sending you lots of positive vibes,


Harper :)


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I’m 19 and she is 20. Her family is complicated. Her mom is really encouraged about being gay and she asked how she would react if she came out as gay or something. Her mom said she would probably kick them out. Her dad kinda figured it out so he knows she is gay and cool with it but her mom is a different story she lives with her aunts and they are big on religi.

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