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Could you help me out with my sexual orientation?


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Hello, about two weeks ago I started to question my sexual orientation and since then I have become obssed with the idea beacuse I don't really know what I am. I am a girl and always identify as heterosexual but I have felt sexually aroused with the female body (especifically the boobs) but I truly never wanted to touch or have sex with a woman; sometimes I really feel very jealous and wish I were like them because I'm really insecure of myself. I have always imagine been with a man and do everything with one. I have never fell in love and this also makes me feel kind of bad. Now I feel like if I am attracted to every (like literally) woman and only see boobs or think about them. I don't really know what to do, I have search everywhere and I'm really confuse. I will really like if you could tell me opinions beacuse I don't know if I could be a lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual, repressed lesbian or simple really confused and linking that I have never feel in love with a man. I do need to say, I will love been with a man beacuse I have always seem women like sisters. Help me with your opinion or experiences please!!!

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Hi Den12,


What a fun journey you're on! It's great to be open to exploring your sexuality... Here, at Ditch the Label we really encourage people to not try to fit into any sort of 'label'. With sexual/romantic orientation, it's easy to want to find the perfet word to describe your interests...


Many times, until you've interacted with all the genders in a sexual or romantic way, you might not truly know what you want. It might be more down to the person vs. how much you're attracted to their body.


It's beautiful that you're appreciating the female form, differently, these days. Nothing wrong with that!


Here's an article that's a good reminder that it's ok to explore your orientation:




Hope this is helpful! Also- check out this thread to find others who are exploring their sexuality:





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