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I'm Confused..am I bi? Help!


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Hi, I'm 14 and a girl (I'd rather not say my name) and I'm really confused about my sexuality. I'm definitely attracted to boys, there's no doubt. But, sometimes I find myself looking at girls and about how pretty they are more than I think is usual for a straight person...also, I catch myself looking at girls butts and stuff and I'm pretty sure none of my other straight friends do that. I've fantasized about girls too, but only once or twice.. I know that I definitely like boys more if I do like girls, but I honestly don't know if I like girls. I've always just assumed I'm straight and that it's normal, but more and more I'm questioning if it really is normal for a straight girl to think like that. But it seems weird if I think about me dating a girl still. Does this mean I'm bi? I honestly don't know. Please help

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Hey Rin33,


Welcome! No worries about not wanting to say your name- we want this to be a safe place for you to get the support and advice you need.


It's completely okay to explore your sexuality-- it sounds like you're open to having attraction to girls, and that's a beautiful start. A lot of us land in the middle somewhere-- not competely heterosexual, or fully homosexual. We can acknowledge our attraction, and decide what to do about it. Here's an article that is a reminder that it's okay to explore:




There's no such thing as 'normal'... what you like, and what makes you the truest you is what's important! More than asking yourself if you fit into the label of 'bi,' consider what you might feel comfortable doing: dating, vs. holding hands, vs. kissing, etc.


Hope this is helpful!



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Hi Rin33 I went through the same thing. I thought I only liked boys but then there were girls that I found attractive and couldn’t ever actually see myself with a girl but here I am dating a girl. Lol I am bisexual and it’s actually great to be bi you get more choices. Most of the time being bi is you like both equally but it could also mean you lean towards boys more than you do girls it’s okay to like both and leans towards boys more than girls.

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