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Graduation Gift Dilemma

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My boyfriend and I are both graduating in June. I really want to get him a gift to celebrate a recognize everything he's worked for, so I did! We had talked about grad gifts a little while ago, and even a little about what I was thinking of getting him. I also really want him to get me a gift (it doesn't have to be anything big or extravagant, I only spent $50 on his gift) but a few things are making me hesitant to bring it up again:

1- He just bought me gifts for my birthday last week

2- He hasn't been working for a little while now. He did just start a paid internship and will get his first paycheck at the end of this month but it's only part-time and he's not making very much money so I know he's pretty strapped for cash right nowย 

So, on the one hand, I feel guilty asking him to spend any money on me. However, I also want him to recognize and celebrate all I've accomplished (I'm finishing my master's program) especially because I also already planned a surprise and spent a decent amount of money to go out for dinner drinks etc with some of his friends when he finished classes a few months ago. I don't want to feel resentful or hurt if he doesn't get me a gift because it's something that I want, but I just don't know what to do because I don't want to put him in a tough position money wise.

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Hi, I'm Catsup one of the support mentors here.ย  Congratulations on graduating with your masters! I definitely can see your gift dilemma since you don't want to ask for too much.ย  At the same time, it might be important in your relationship to communicate your feelings upfront.ย  I'm wondering what kind of gift you would like from him?ย  Could he potentially get something cheaper andย  of more sentimental value?ย  I know $50 is nothing extravagant, so it he were to spend much less than $50 on you, how would you feel? And besides the gift, what else do you want from him on this occasion?

I think asking yourself these questions could be really helpful for deciding how to bring this up to your boyfriend if you do.ย  What do you think?


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