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I think I'm gay? But not really?


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The title seems very confusing, I know but the thing is, I identify myself as AroAce, short term for Aromantic Asexual so y'all can already guess why have two question marks on the title. So like, I've come in terms already being aroace but for some reason, I found myself interested on having 's*x' ONLY with the same gender, specifically the 'sc*ss*r*ng' method like I found it so beautiful, it's something that I see it as like something sacred, it's such a beautiful way to connect yourself with your partner. I find heterosexual intercourse rather distasteful but the sc*ss*r*ng one does peak my interest for years now. The funny thing is, I'm only interested on that but I LOATHE KISSING. I am disgusted by it so I really don't know what that says about me. As an aroace though, I find myself wanting to be with a woman PLATONICALLY but i couldn't really imagine being with a man. I never really had anyone that I can say I have loved romantically so does that mean I'm still aroace then?

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Hey there, I'm Catsup, one of the support mentors. First of all, welcome here!  I can see this is confusing for you since asexual would imply that you have no interest in sex, but recently you are interested in a specific type of sexual activity.  You might find your preferences and orientation can change over time, which is completely okay.  You mentioned possibly wanting to be with a woman (but not a man) platonically.  What do you mean by platonically in this case with women?


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its completely chill to be interested in sexual activities wo any sexual attraction. u said that ure only interested in certain sexual activities w the same gender but never whether ure specifically sexually attracted to some1 or not. being acespec doesnt mean u have to be averse to all sex related stuff; sex fav aces do exist. wanting to be w a woman platonically doesnt affect ur romantic and sexual orientation; it could mean that u experience platonic attraction. meaning that ure still aroacespec for liking certain sexual activities and wanting to be w certain gender groups platonically 

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