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>>>Have You Come Out as Trans/Non-Binary/Gender Fluid? SHARE HERE!>>>


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It's so important to have references of other's people's experiences with speaking to people about gender. Many of us wonder about how to bring up the topic, and fear how it might affect their lives. This is where you come in. We would love for your to share your experience(s) so we can gain knowledge for ourselves... and to know we're not alone.


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  • 1 year later...

I came out to both my parents seperatly about me being Non-binary.


I don't really remember how it all came along because it was during or shortly after the divorce.

​​​​​​My mom, without being irrespectful doesn't really understand.

My dad on the other hand uses both genders when talking to me and the first time he called me miss (he opened the door and said "ladies first") I felt really happy because I knew he understood!


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  • 2 years later...

im only like 30% out.

im out to my best friend, who's actually queer herself, and she accepts me and uses my preferred name too!

im also out to the GSA at school, and occasionally to teachers if they ask for name n pronouns


it honestly is contextual bc if i came out to my parents now they'd be unaccepting id wager so im not risking a lot

if i move out for uni/college ill be a bit more out i bet

so yeah not rlly but am trying


im quite indifferent to my birthname (not the feminine terms tho, those suck to hear. hate being called a maam) so i can hold out

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  • Monsoon changed the title to >>>Have You Come Out as Trans/Non-Binary/Gender Fluid? SHARE HERE!>>>
  • 5 months later...

Erm sort of came out as my gender thing to best friend... At first I was transmasc but I figured I was genderfluid since I still felt girly sometimes, but it was honestly on and off instead of molded, so my bsf was chill about it when I came out as transmasc and some other friends were too and we were all just normal but then I left that school, but still was in contact with bsf, so later on told him I was genderfluid and he was really happy bc he could tell it was who I was happy being and that I could be myself. Never coming out to anyone but friends tho, it'd be a disaster.

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  • 3 months later...

I have come out to my dad about being trans, but never got to talk to my mom about it... He was very accepting of me and we make harmless jokes about that and my sexuality. I know some people don't have the same experience I had... If I had told my she would have probably abused me (more)...

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I’ve come out to a few people, my irl friends. And they’ve all been great and accepting. One of them was actually when I was asking one of them for their pronouns. When we first met I immediately go we that they had to be queer in some form or fashion. We were on a call and we were talking about stupid gendered things and after a while I was thinking “this kid has to be not cis-“ 

And then afterwards I texted them and asked their pronouns! They said “oh my goodness thank you so much for asking, my preferred pronouns are They/them! “ and whatnot and then they asked me in return and I said “Oh! I use he/they!” (I hadn’t started to use neo pronouns yet) and then we both were really happy to have a queer friend in each other. It was super wholesome and great. I still get giddy thinking about it.

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