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Past relationships

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52 minutes ago, Kelly is hurt said:

What to do when a person always seems to want to be right or tell u im 90% right and your like 10% right of the time im dealing with a “ intelligent cocky a$$hole” who thinks their correct 

Heyy @Kelly is hurt, I am Luie, one of the support mentors with Ditch the Label. I see that you're new to our platform and I wanted to say a massive welcome! Super awesome having you join our community. You can start conversations like this or even join other topics on the forums option. We also offer one to one support if you'd prefer that, if you click on 'Confidential Support' in the top bar next to blogs, you can send a request and one of the support mentors will get back to you. 

Episode 4 Nbc GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Now, about what you've shared, I understand how frustrating it can be to interact with someone who always wants to be right and dismisses your opinions. It's important to remember that dealing with such situations requires patience and effective communication. I'm curious to know more about your experiences with this person. Could you please share a bit more about the specific situations where you've encountered their behaviour? 

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On 5/20/2023 at 10:41 AM, Kelly is hurt said:

It’s along story do u think you’ll have time for this to me seems like hopeless 


Things might seem hopeless, but I am here, this is a safe space to vent and perhaps even reflect a little on what is going on if you'd like to share? 

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