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All about me, no one is safe bcuz I'm pan and poly


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Hello! Here's all about me!


NAME: DJaye, Jaymes, or Jaye

AGE: 13

GRADE: 7th

STATE: Alaska


SEXUALITY: Pansexual, Polyamorus

GENDER: Non-Binary/Male


FAVORITE COLOR: Black, White, Purple

JOB: Production/Online Marketing

INTERESTS: Voice Acting, YouTube, Animation, Production



Super Drags

Be More Chill


OHSHC Dear Evan Hansen



Creepy pasta


​​​​​(lol theyes probs more but idk)

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Hey Jayme! Nice to learn more about you!


That's funny-- are you saying no one is safe because as "pansexual" you have the ability to find a person attractive, no matter their gender? And as a person who's "polyamorous" you are capable and desire to have multiple relationships?


I see you listed "polyamory" as your sexuality... I've always thought of polyamory to be more of a romantic style-- would love to know more about your definition!


Ooh.. and then you mention you're relationship status is "taken".. But you're poly.. So I'm all sorts of curious (if you're willing to go into further detail).



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