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Coming out

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to ur family i assume? then ask them for their opinion on the lgbtq community in general & take action according to their reaction. supportive? safe to come out. neutral/respectful? also a green light; but dont expect them to be supportive & completely accepting. disrespectful/disgusted/queerphobic? do not come out. safety is ur priority

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Heyy @AnimeLover12242,I am Luie, one of the support mentors with Ditch the Label.ย  Thank you for reaching out to us. I see that you're new to the platform so firstly, a massive welcome to our community. I hope you find this space helpful and supportive.ย 

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14 hours ago, AnimeLover12242 said:

Me and my sister are bisexual, and we are scared to to come out of the closet. What should we do?

Coming out can be a scary and difficult process, especially when it comes to sharing your sexuality. It's understandable that you and your sister are feeling scared. Firstly, it's important to remember that coming out is a personal decision and it's completely up to you when and how you choose to do it. You don't have to come out until you feel safe and ready to do so, safety is a priority.ย However, it can also be a liberating and empowering experience to be open about your sexuality with your loved ones. If you feel comfortable, you could start by confiding in someone you trust, like a close friend or family member. It might be helpful to talk through your fears and concerns with someone you feel safe with and who will support you. Is there someone like that around you?


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