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Thinking of running away cause you're LGBT and your family is homophobic?


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Hey, I'm Dylan. Well, that's not my birth name or gender, but it makes me feel safe. The reason I'm seeking for help is...I need someone I can talk to who understands. My whole family is really really religious (extreme orthodox Christians) which also mean fasting on Wednesday and Friday etc. So their beliefs are as old as the bible. The thing is I'm bi and honestly I don't feel comfortable as a female. I'm obviously closeted, but I don't think i can stay in the closet any longer. My parents are that homophobic and close minded, they aren't allowing me to cut my hair short, because i don't look female enough. That's just an example. I'm scared and planning every day escape plans and lists what I have to take in case of running away..I honestly can't trust myself, not to drop the bomb in near future. I can't talk to anybody , neither friends nor adults, and I have nowhere to stay over night for the matter. My family is already emotional abusing me and they would break my bones if they found out who I am. Please, I'm 15 and I really don't know what to do.

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Hi Dylan,


I'm really thankful you found our Community... so happy you shared.


You might have more luck finding others who have parents who are homophobic, if you bring this post to the "Friends and Family" category in Community. I want people to find your story, easily, so they can offer suggestions!


Safety is key. If there's no way to come out to them, and be safe at the same time, then do what will keep you safe, for now. I know leaving the home is a long way off... and it's torturous not being able to be fully you.


How would your family respond to you asking to see a counselor? Or at school, is there someone you can speak to-- like a counselor, or a teacher you might trust? This is a lot of information you're holding.



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