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Favourite Disney /Pixar Movie Or both?


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What's your favourite Disney /Pixar Movie? It can be both if you want! 



Ill start, my favourite Disney would most likely be Encanto or Zootopia/Zootropilis, or even The Lion King, or Lilo and Stich, I just love how weird and funny Lilo is, and I just love Stitch, who doesn't? 


My favourite Pixar is definitely WALL-E or Toy Story 3 or probably Cars since it brings back a lot of Nostalgia. Toy story 3 literally made me cry when the toys were heading towards the incinerator, I've never gotten so emotional over a movie, but Toy Story 3 broke me, I've seen it about a thousand times, but the scene still gets to me, is that weird? I loved Wall-E for two reasons, one I just love how it's set in a post apocalyptic world, that and it's about a robot, and I love robots lol, and probably the Define dancing scene, I never got to watch it in the cinema since I was like, 4 when it came out but it mustve looked amazing on the big screen 



Favourite live action Disney, would have to go to Cinderella , I just love how we get back story on Lady Tremaine, it gives her more of a character other than just the evil step mother trope, Haven't seen Jungle Book, but I've seen the cartoon, and I honestly didn't mind the Lion King, it wasn't good, but the scenery was just chefs kiss. I didn't like Scars voice tho I think they should have brought back Jeremy Irons, but I love the Hyenas and how drastically different they are from Shenzi, banzi and Ed, I just love that about the film. 


But enough about me, what are you guys favourite films from Disney or Pixar, or even the live action films? 

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I also remember seeing Toy, Story 1 in cinemas  I think? Idk why I think I did tho, cause I was born in 2004, way after toy story in 95, so it must have been a re release, or I'm remembering it wrong I have no idea lol 

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Alright, I just wanted to comment here cuz y not?

tangled is prob my fav Disney movie, but I also really like Lilo and stitch, Fantasa, and others too.

my favorite Pixar…. I don’t know, but I am a big fan of the short, I Lava You because I can play that song on my ukulele:D

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