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Constantly Bullied By My Parents


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Hi, my name is Meryll,


I’m 26 years old that is STILL living with her parents. I’m constantly bullied by my parents about my weight, how I look, how I dress, even the past mistakes I did at work. But even if I don’t do anything wrong my parents constantly go against me and make me feel like I’m the bad person and worthless. I’ve been trying to look for a place close to my college, so I don’t have to deal with my parents constant bullying but every time I try to move out they’ve always tell me I’m not ready to move out. I can never tell them that I’m changing my career path and do something else, they always wanted me to become a nurse but it isn’t my thing. I try to stand up to them but they’ve always put me down constantly. I always feel like I’m a mistake that they don’t really care for me. At times they act like they care but then next minute they bully me. Some of my friends say it’s tough love but I don’t even know if that is tough love. I constantly cry myself to sleep because of what my parents do to me. I love my parents but they way they treat me I feel like I’m worthless that I’ll never make it in this world.

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Hiya Meryll,


Welcome! I’m so sorry to hear this.


First if all, I want to say that there’s nothing wrong with living with your parents (no matter what age you are!). But what isn’t okay is the fact that you have to put up with the derogatory things they say.


Here is an article on emotional bullying from parents:




I hope it’s helpful... I want you to feel supported in your career path. It’s you're life! You deserve to have happiness!





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Hi Meryll,


Sorry that you're going through this, I also lived in a toxic space at home and know how down you can get being in that sort of environment.


Just know that you're not worthless - I know easier said than done right? I had so much negativity drilled into me that it felt natural to believe it but as I've gotten older I can see now that I was never the problem and neither are you.


Curley X

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