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I’m scared that the bullying will happen again


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Last year I started high school and in my country high school only contains of sophomore year, junior year and senior year. So last year I was a sophomore and it was my worst year, I was bullied a long time by 3 boys who was in my first class of high school. But the bullying got so bad that I changed classes.





So the bullying started around the second week of that year and I started of “soft� it was just “jokes� and name calling that I didn’t care of at the moment. But after a month or so the absolute worst thing that could happen to a person in high school happened to me. They yelled the names they called me in front of all the people in our corridor and the pointed at me and said he is (name calling) and after that moment everything just got worst. It was so bad that a change both alignment and class, I thought the bullying would have stopped right after the change but every time they saw me in the hallways the bullied me. In December last year I couldn’t take it no more and decided to talk to the school curator. After the Christmas break in January the schools anti bullying team helped me with what I was going through and it stopped.


Thanks to the bullying I couldn’t focus on my studies and my grades went down. I’m a person that loves to get good grades and make my parents proud but I couldn’t to that last year because of the anxiety. I don’t want it to happen again.


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Thank you for sharing your story with Community-- I'm glad others are here who can understand what you're going through.


How is this school year going? How are your grades?


How did your teachers respond to your grades going down? Did they support you?



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