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Something really scary happened at my school today

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If any of you guys know what's happening at East Valley School District (Spokane Valley, Wash) you'll know that the entire district has been closed because of threats made online last nights. The news came out that the threats were made out to LGBTQ+ identifying students. That includes me and a lot of my friends. This is following an incident when my friend (he is gay) found a bullet in his locker. My other friend (also gay) is constantly harassed. And flags have been banned from being worn since October of 2021. I'm afraid of something bad happening at my school. I need some help calming down or something, I just need SOMETHING. Anyways, I'll post the announcement on the situation made by my superintendent. More info can be found here:Β https://www.evsd.org/Β (I recommend going to the live feed)



To My East Valley Community, As promised, I am following up to share that information which I am able to provide. Though I have to consider how much is wise to disclose, I am taking the risk of oversharing. If we are to improve as a school community and community at large, it is going to be through truth, regardless of how difficult that truth is. The social media threats made last night, resulting in the closure of all eight campuses today, were not anonymous. Unfortunately, those who perpetrated the threats are (or were) East Valley students. Though no victims were named, threats of harm were made against EVHS students who identify as LGBTQ+. Law enforcement was immediately contacted and the legal process was underway while I was communicating the closure of our schools just before midnight yesterday. Several arrests have been made already today and additional arrests are anticipated. Furthermore, the individuals known to be involved in the threats will be emergency expelled; be assured a full and thorough investigation is in process. I will send out another message next week and prior to our schools returning from spring break. Aside from being your school district superintendent, I am also a father. As both, I feel compelled to share my raw heart today. The intolerance, ignorance, and hate that sometimes comes to and through the schoolhouse doors is horrific at best. It is the same hate, intolerance, and ignorance displayed throughout society on any given day. After all, schools are but a microcosm of society. The cruelty of the world, and that which humanity places upon its own kind, is far more disturbing than the words I am able to come up with. I do not live in a fantasy land; however, I do believe in kindness and most definitely in the golden rule. This incident does not define East Valley; this is not who we are or who we wish to be. We will continue our efforts to educate and to practice acceptance. Hate has no place in East Valley. I stand with, and in this case, in front of our students against hate. I humbly ask you to stand with me...and for them. Together, we are East Valley Brian L Talbott Superintendent -bt


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Heyy @3asy, I am Luie, one of the support mentors. I have messaged you on Confidential support and Inbox. I am sure this is extremely distressing for you. Please do let me know whether you are safe?


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