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How to finally move on from a life of bullying


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Hello everyone, I'm a 23 years old female and I've been bullied a lot of time in my life because of my physical appearance, most of the bullies are people on the streets that I never got to meet. This totally ruined my life, I isolated myself and I do not have any friends or romantic partner because I just feel useless, I feel disgusted by myself.


I don't wanna change who I am physically, though. The only thing I want is to move on and be able to have a normal life without remembering all the times those people/comments that made me feel useless and disgusting. I'd really appreciate it if you guys have any advice, I really want to be happy.

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Sounds like you've been through a lot - that really sucks, I'm sorry. I think it's really great that you don't want to change yourself though: the fact that you were bullied in the past doesn't in anyway mean that something is wrong with you, and only shows that the people who bullied you were going through their own stuff. I know that doesn't make it better as such, but just remember that none of what you've been through is your own fault, and it's great that you're looking to move on.


I'd say the best thing to do would be to surround yourself with people who you have stuff in common with, and who can bring out the best in you. What hobbies do you enjoy? Maybe it would be cool to take up a really supportive group sport or activity (have you ever thought about roller derby? I've heard it's really awesome for body confidence and team bonding) or if you're rubbish at sport like me, how about a club or a book group or something? Check out the meetups app - I've found it such a good way to meet people near me who I have stuff in common with.


There's loads of ways to meet people online too. Start following inspirational people on insta - check out @bodyposipanda, Harnaam Kaur, etc, to name a couple. It's a really good way to change your headspace and start thinking positively about yourself. Also delete any accounts that make you feel rubbish about yourself.


You will be able to move on from this, and it sounds like you've already made some great first steps! Let us know what you decide to do. Sending you lots of positive vibes! :)

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