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Jayla Β  Β 

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Dear Him,Β 

i think of you before i sleep but then instead of counting sheep… i dream of us being together and everything is suddenly better. i want to take you on a ride and at the end make you my groom. like when we talk cause it makes me smile and i’d like for you to stay a while. i wish you would only sometimes see what you truly mean me.Β 


the lines stitched into highways; the never-ending seams, on roads that are less travelled, dividing you and me. i wish i could unravel, the fabric in-between, and tear away the distance, to bring you close to me.

i love him so much and he has no idea how much he means to meΒ 

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Awww I'm at a loss for words that is so sweet you have no idea how much that actually means to me omg you're going to make me cry,😭 thank you so so much mi riena, idk why I'm getting emotional rn but I am lol. 


Mi reina, my futura esposa, my entire world, the love of my life, everyday I'm with you, my bad days wash away, our conversations fill my heart with the promise of your love, roads, highways or sea may be between us, but even that can't break us apart, there are a thousand ways to say I love you, and I love you in every single language, if I knew every single l love you, I'd say them all, it's been almost three weeks at this point, and I wake up with you as the first and the last thought, id take you on a ride if I could to and at the end of it make you my bride, and I take this ringπŸ’and with it, I seal us with another promise, to always be there for you to make sure that you're happy, to be there for you through good and bad, hard times and good times. You don't have to buy me gifts or kiss me to show me how much I mean to you, because the amount I mean to you, you mean the same to me, I love you so so much futura esposa, you're my world, my reason for being, and my whole world, you have my heart, you always will, and no ones taking that we are officially locked in now and no ones unlocking that, no key nothing πŸ’πŸ’—

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