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Some great musicians that need some more attention!!!

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Ok, I listen to music that you don't typicaly hear on the radio, a lot of it is composed by one artist and sung by others, and most of that having fantacy, or adventure, or otherwise awsome vibes that make you feel like tou are in fantacy world and you are the main character.

This artist is called Tommee Proffit, and a few of his songs I would recomend are Vagabond, Rebel Renegade, anything on the albem Gloria Regali, but specificaly Sound of War and Reign, Here I Am, Monsters, I Am Not Afraid, Tommorow We Fight, and When the Sun Goes Down

another artits I will recomend is SVRCINA I like a lot of her songs, and she even corroperates with Tommee Proffit of a few, the big one I will recomend is Meet Me on the Battlefield, my partnet and I are both big fans of this song.

Lindsey Stirling. Her music, the music videos, I love all of it, a few I would recomend by her are RoundTable Rival (I litteraly stop whatever I am doing when this song comes on just to rock out) Master of the Tides, We are Giants, and Shatter Me.

When I am feeling less epic but still good music I will listen to the A Cappella band HomeFree, some favrotes here are (all are covers) Wake Me Up, Try Everything, Friends in Low Places, May Day, Flowers on the Wall, Folsum Prison Blues, and thier Sea Shanty Melody.

Some kinda randome songs, but ones I still like to listen to incude the sound track to the video game Skyrim, mostly the opening song and the tavern theme, althogh The One They Fear is also really good. Lindsey Stirling and Pentetonix with the cover of Radio Active. Any music from Starwars, especialy the Mandalorian sound track. The Jurasic Park theme. A song called Battle Cry based of of Throne of Glass, some of my favorite books. The sound track from a video game called portal, especaily Still Alive (the cake is a lie!)ย 

let me know if you decide to listen to any of these songs and artis and what you think


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