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What changes would you make in educational system ?


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I feel they should change curriculum in such a way that everyone feels engaged. Learning should not be one sided. It is like a textbook having voice. It is not a interactive session. What do you think?? 

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I know I’m a bit late but I would change the fact that we have homework. I would change this because we go to school for 8+ or - hrs and they still give us work to do after school…like what if we have work? Or plans after school? We won’t be able to do it because homework for some people (not me) isn’t the biggest priority when they get home because some people don’t get home until like maybe 11 or 12 at night because of maybe sports practice or games, work, events that you go to after school or you have an appointment etc. . It makes me so mad because last year I was on my schools soccer team and I had work so I barely was home because I worked days that I didn’t have practice or school or games (my boss was friends with the coach and gave him the schedule so we wouldn’t have work and practice on the same day or we would but we would have a good amount of time to like take showers and fix up after practice and then go to work (I don’t work there anymore because of my mental health and other reasons). So what I’m trying to say is get rid of the homework.

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