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How do I talk to a girl?


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So I have a crush on a girl in one of my classes at uni, but I've never spoken to her before. We make eye contact a lot and I really want to talk to her but I'm a super shy person and every time I finally work up the courage to talk to her, I chicken out.

My friends say I should just say hi, but that seems really hard to do now given how nervous she makes me.

please help me!


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Heya AmyL19,


Ah, yes.. I understand the nervousness to approach someone!


I think you have to start by considering why you'd like to approach her. Is it because you'd like to be friends with her, or do you want/expect more? In my experience, starting off as friends is a good way to feel out the person a bit more before making a move toward dating, etc.


Here are some tips from a Valentine's-based article.. but I think the suggestions still apply:




When I'm feeling really nervous, and it shows, I tend to make a joke about it. It kind of lets them in, and it cuts any tension.


Have you dated much?




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Hey Willow!

I think friends first, so I can get to know her. She just seems so cool and like, so unapologetically herself which I really admire. So yeah, I'd start with friends and not expect anything more, and if it happens to move in that direction, yay me!

thank you for the tips! I will definitely be keeping them in mind if/when I try to talk to her and a laugh is always good.


No I haven't dated much. I've had one boyfriend but that ended quickly when he moved to London for uni. I don't think I was really into it though, never quite felt comfortable doing bf/gf things with him.


thanks !

Amy x

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Hi. First remember girls use their heart to expres themselves. You can't talk to any girl like you would talk to your best pal. If you are shy, I recomend watch some youtube videos or even buy some online course. There are plenty of them on line. Good luck.

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